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Workspace diagnostics in Neovim

3 min readneovimlsp
Neovim doesn't show diagnostics for the entire project (only for opened files). But with a bit of code this can be done.

ChatGPT code action in Neovim

2 min readneovimchatgptlsp
Chat about diagnostic message under cursor with ChatGPT.

Running Flutter Tests with Debugger in Neovim

5 min readtestingneovimflutter
How to debug a single Flutter test in Neovim.

Node + SWC make a lightning fast typescript runtime

6 min readnodetypescript
Typescript is great, but the compilation is slow. This post shows how to make it fast.

Hosting Rails apps for free on Oracle Cloud with Dokku

9 min readrailsdokkudevops
Dokku has always been a low effort way to have your own Heroku. And now on a free infrastructure.

Turbo and fast system tests

10 min readrailstesting
Build rich UIs with Rails and Turbo and test them without real browser.

File Links in the Terminal

7 min readtmuxvim
Open file links in the terminal

Mithril vs Hyperdom

7 min readnodejavascript
Frontend frameworks comparison

Building a documentation website

5 min readnodejavascriptcodesandbox
Quickly put together a beautiful documentation website with runnable code examples

Keeping node dependencies up to date

2 min readnodenpmjavascript
Making node dependencies upgrade less of a PITA

Developing in Linux on OSX

3 min readtoolsvimVirtualBox
How to set up Linux server in VirtualBox on OSX. With clipboard integration for vim/xclip.

Setup Nginx reverse proxy (with ssl termination) on OSX

2 min readtoolstesting
A useful trick to test remote webhooks (e.g. Google Game Services).

Value added tests

8 min readtestingrubybdd
Dissecting the value of BBD style tests

Ajax in Rails how it is meant to be

5 min readrails
DRY client side UIs in Rails with Turbolinks

Git a Grep on Vim

2 min readvimgit
Better search results in Vim.

Faster Chrome extension development cycle

2 min readbrowser extensions

CIborg anywhere (not just on ec2)

3 min readtestingci

Faster Android emulator with Android-x86 on VirtualBox

3 min readandroid
Fast tools are important. And even more so in the slow world of mobile development.

Dependency lookup with binding_of_caller

5 min readrubyrails
Explore some interesting ways to pass data to function calls. You probably don't want to actually use this.

Refactoring in command line and Vim

3 min readvimrefactoring
A few tips on batch renaming and moving files around, for those who write code in Vim and terminal.

Better Shopify integration testing

6 min readtestingrailsruby
Test Shopify integration with your Rails app faster and with more confidence.


2 min readvim
A vim plugin that slows things down to the point that one has little choice but to power up their vim-fu.

Stub like a surgeon, spy like James Bond with REST-assured

11 min readtestingruby
Use REST-assured to test against stubbed version of external REST APIs.